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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skipping a Rock is just like Hitting a Golf Ball

Yesterday, I was enjoying the afternoon relaxing on the shore of Lake Austin.  There wasn't a ripple on the water so I decided to skip a few rocks on the slick surface.  I hadn't done this in years but it was really fun.  After skipping a few good ones I realized I was making a very similar motion as my golf swing. 

In fact, I narrowed it down to three similarities to the golf swing:
1.  To begin the motion, I shifted my weight to my left leg.
2.  After the shift of weight, my body began rotating.
3.  Just prior to releasing the rock, my right wrist was bent as it would be before impacting the golf ball.

Enjoy the video in which I explain and demonstrate the similarities.  Be sure and watch it in full screen mode.

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