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Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Great Golf Swing to Copy!

 Following is a video I filmed of Terry Dill, retired PGA TOUR  and Champions TOUR player.  Terry won the 1992 Bank One Classic on the Champions TOUR and was the oldest rookie to qualify for the 2006 European Senior Tour.  I love the simplicity of his swing and I think you will too.  From the balanced set up to the balanced finish, it is hard to find any flaws in this swing.  Note the rhythm of the swing stays the same as he swings the wedge, 6 iron and driver.

Terry is a great friend and gave me my first job in the golf business in 1972.  Terry designed and built Lost Creek Country Club in 1972 and I was his first cart attendant hired.  In the meantime, he played the PGA TOUR, the Champions TOUR and the European Senior tour and I made a career out of the golf business as assistant professional, head professional, business owner and now full time instructor. 

Terry has shared with me his wisdom of the golf swing, the demands of playing golf at a high level and a great deal about life in general.

Enjoy this beautiful golf swing!

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