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Monday, January 6, 2014

Short Putts made Easy with this 3 Step Drill

The way to lower scores is to improve your putting!  In particular, we all need to become better at making those putts which are 3-5' in length.  This is a great drill which will help you make more of these all important putts!

Most short putts are missed due to tension...mental and physical.  I think the fear of missing the putt is the biggest mental block.  This fear causes our hands to tighten on the grip and we end up "wishing" the ball into the hole or "hitting and hoping" the ball goes in.  The biggest mistake I see is a stroke which is too long on the backswing and then too short on the follow through.  Anytime you "stop" your stroke, you are asking for trouble.  Usually the face of the putter closes and you end up pulling the putt.

This 3 step drill will help you gain more confidence as you learn to follow through and hold your finish.  I recommend hitting 20 putts at each step and work on this drill as much as possible for the next two weeks. 

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