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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

101 Uses for Alignment Rods (#???)

Alignment rods are very helpful during the instruction process and following student practice sessions.  In these instruction sessions with student's Graham Marks (York College, NE) and Michael Gonzales (Lockhart High School) we used an alignment rod placed through the belt loops.  Both students were sliding the lower body too much toward the target on the downswing thus leaving the hands way behind.  By placing the alignment rod through the belt loops, they now have to focus on slowing the lower body down a bit so the arms can drop in front of them on the downswing.  If the hips slide too much the arms will get caught behind the rod and they will lose a belt loop.  We started with small swings to get the feel and then progressed to full swings.  We also shortened the backswing just a bit and it helped keep the arms in front.  Their accuracy improved immediately and  didn't lose any distance at all.

Note of caution:  any time you are using alignment rods you want to start slow as to not inflict injury.

Graham Marks

Michael Gonzales

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