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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

101 Uses for Alignment Rods

Below is a video of student Bob R. using two alignment rods to help improve his backswing.  Bob was taking the club too much outside on his backswing and it was causing him to be too steep.  His divots were deep and going left which was causing issues with his accuracy.  To help him get on track, I placed a rod about 2 inches outside his golf ball and at about a 30 degree angle.  I also placed a rod on the ground for alignment purposes.  It is important that both rods are parallel and the student is aligned correctly.  On his backswing he has to now take the club back slightly inside the rod by his ball or he will get tangled up.  On the downswing, he also has to avoid the rod by coming down more from the inside.  The result was Bob starting striking the ball much better and his accuracy really improved.  In his next round, he shot one of his lowest scores in quite some time!

Note of caution...always start with small swings when using alignment rods as to avoid inflicting injury.

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