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Friday, July 30, 2021

No More Shanks!

This is a great drill if you tend to strike the ball too close to the hosel causing the ball to go to the right or worse…the shank.  My student, Chase E. is demonstrating with a sand wedge.  Place two balls about 1” apart and set up to the ball farthest away.  The goal is to hit the inside ball as you swing.  The adjustment needed to accomplish this is your hands need to stay closer to your body on the downswing.  You will feel like you are hitting the inside ball slightly toward the toe of the club which is far away from the hosel.  If you do this you won’t hit the outside ball and your shot will be straight and solid.  It may take you a few swings to accomplish this challenge so I recommend placing your golf bag near the outside ball to act as a blockade so you won’t take half the golfers on the tee line out if both balls are struck.

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