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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Develop Great Rhythm and Balance in Your Golf Swing

After watching this video of Fred Astaire, I think you will understand the importance of rhythm and balance in the golf swing. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Escaping Thick Rough Around the Green

One of the most difficult shots we face is hitting out of thick Bermuda rough around the green. The technique I am going to show you will work well when the ball is sitting deep or at the bottom of the rough.

I recommend using your most lofted sand wedge for this shot (57-60 degree loft).

Set up: Grip down to the bottom of the grip, play the ball about 3-4 inches behind your back foot, put about 70% of your weight on the front foot, close the club face slightly and make sure your hands are ahead of the ball. Note in the picture the yellow line extending from the ball to the outside of my front hip indicating my hands are ahead of the ball.

Backswing: Feel as though you pick the club almost straight up from the ball. There is no "sweep" in the backswing. Note the angle formed by my right wrist and club indicating I did not take the club back low as you would for a typical chip shot. The length of the backswing will determine how far the ball will fly. This shot will come out low and "run" to the target.

Impact: It is very important to strike the ball first. With the up and down motion of the backswing there will not be much follow through if any at all. Note at impact my hands are ahead of the ball just as they were at set up.

With just a little practice you will get the feel of hitting the ball first. Also, you will learn how much backswing is needed to get the ball out of the rough and on to the green. Keep in mind the ball will "pop" out of the rough with very little spin and roll most of the way to the target.