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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Add Freedom of Motion for "Crisper Chips"

Most of us try to be too perfect with our chipping stroke.  We have all been instructed to lead with the hands, but this advice can lead to extreme tightness in the hands and wrists.  The resulting tension causes inconsistent shots!

Instead, I want you to think about how your body releases through the chipping stroke.  In this video I explain and demonstrate a way to develop freedom of motion in the chipping stroke.

I like my chips to be  "crispy" please!

Point your way to more Accurate Iron Shots

This is an easy drill to perform and it will really help you hit your irons more accurate.
Use a 9 iron and only hit the ball about 75 yards when doing the drill.  This means make a small back swing and keep the effort level down.  Note the position of my lower body through impact to the finish.  The weight moves to my left side and my right knee is pointing to the target as well.  If you stay too "flat" footed with your back foot, you will not hit the ball very solid.