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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Improve your Golf Swing using the Jetstick

 I love using the Jetstick to improve a students release point, impact position and finish.  In addition it’s a great tool to improve swing speed.

Before using the Jetstick, JK was releasing the club too early.  This is evident in the top photo by his hands being located on his right thigh at impact.  This was causing him to hit his iron shots very thin.  While swinging the Jetstick in the bottom photo his release point is now later in the swing and at impact his hands are located on his left thigh as they should be.  Also note his complete finish of the swing.

When swinging the Jetstick, you will hear the “swish” of the ball and chain going through the air and it should be loudest on the target side of the ball.  Sound can be great feedback and you can sense this sound in your swing with a club in your hand.

In this video you can really see how his release is now on the correct side of the ball.  There is a protocol to follow when swinging the Jetstick which will increase your club head speed.  It’s a great tool to improve many aspects of the golf swing!