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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Which Backswing Drill is for You…it Depends

I have two favorite backswing drills and both are totally different even though you end up in the same place at the top of your swing.  It’s just two different ways to get there.  The backswing should be a blend of arms working up and down and the torso rotating.  This blend would keep the club on plane and lead to more consistency in ball striking.  

But some golfers tend to take the club outside the target line in the take away then lift the arms up getting in a very steep or upright position.  This golfer would need a bit more torso rotation to get the club on the proper plane and get the club a bit more behind them at the top of the swing.  This picture would be an example of being too upright and steep!

The drill I use to feel more backswing rotation is below.  The goal is to keep the club and chest moving together on the backswing.  There is a short pause at each key point to insure you’re in the correct position.  In sequence you set the hinge of the wrists, make a small rotation of the chest and club together, continue turning turning to the top, then drop the arms and go to the finish.  This drill eliminates the club moving outside or steep going back.  

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the golfer that allows the arms to get too far on the inside going back and/or rolling the club face open.  There is very little torso rotation as the arms outrace the torso to the top of the swing.  If there was a glass wall behind this golfer, the club would shatter it!

The drill I use to improve this type of take away is below.  There is a short pause at each key position.  In sequence you start in a normal set up, take the club and arms back quietly to just past the rear thigh, then set the hinge of the wrists so the club aligns with the right forearm, swing to the top maintaining some width, drop the arms and go to the finish.

The bottom line is it depends on your tendencies as to the drill I would prescribe.  One size doesn’t fit all.  Once we have performed the drill swings in segments we would move to slow motion swings before then going to regular speed.  It’s a process and takes time to get comfortable with your new feel.