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Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's OK to use a Hybrid for Greenside Shots

In this video you will learn how and when to use the hybrid from around the green.  Generally speaking, I would use the hybrid from around the green in these circumstances:

1.  Playing from a tight lie within 10 yards of the green with the pin cut close (within 20'-30').
2.  The ball is sitting in a sand filled divot.
3.  The turf is very soft.
4.  Playing from overseeded turf.  Rye grass is very sticky.

By using the hybrid, you virtually elimate any chance of hitting behind the ball and taking a divot.
It is very important to treat the shot as a putt and not a chip.

With just a little practice you will learn the amount of swing needed to get the ball to roll on the green. 


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