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Monday, April 1, 2013

Pitch and Run Shots from 20 Yards and In

The "pitch and run" shot is a very useful and safe shot to hit.  This shot can be hit when the landing area is fairly flat and you have room for the ball to run once it is on the green.  Typically, I will hit this type of shot when my ball is anywhere from 5-15 yards from the edge of the green AND I have 10-15 yards of roll out room.  In this video I am using my lofted wedges, but if there is enough green for the ball to run out, I may use as little as an 8 iron for the shot.  If at all possible, I will use the "pitch and run" method as it requires less swing and eliminates errors caused by making a bigger swing.

Here are some stop action photos of the pitch and run.  Note how the swing (and my hands) stay low on the backswing and finish.

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