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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No Standing Ovation for this Swing!

If you are consistently hitting the ball thin (not taking a divot with irons) and to the right of your target, then you may be "standing up" in the downswing.  In other words, you have not maintained the posture needed to compress the golf ball.  In the picture below, the body is too upright and the club is trailing too far behind the body.  The hips have been thrust toward the golf ball instead of rotating as they should.  From this position it will be difficult to square the club face by impact and my club is destined to hit the 2x4 on the ground I have used for alignment...OUCH!

The correct position would look like the picture below.  Note how my spine has more angle than the above picture.  The golf club is in a much better position to deliver the ball to the target.  This is due to my hips staying in position and not moving closer to the ball as they have in the picture above. The hips are rotating as they should and this will be evident in my finish.  My club is now traveling down the target line.

Try this drill is you are hitting shots as described above.

Set up with a 7 iron and place a guide in the ground touching your backside.  Here I have used an old shaft inside a foam noodle.  An alignment rod would work as well. Make sure you copy the above set up.  My shoulders are over my toes and my arms are hanging very relaxed from my shoulders.

On the backswing, try to keep in contact with the guide, but more importantly, on the downswing, you want to remain in contact as well.

Correct downswing!
If the hips rotate properly, your finish will look like this.  Once I have made impact, the hips complete their rotation and I finish tall with my hips square to the target.

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