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Monday, February 17, 2014


Snakes alive!  For all my Texas readers, the warm February weather has awakened our slithery friends.  This coral snake was located at River Place Country Club (Austin, TX) on hole #2.

Remember this Texas expression to identify this very poisonous coral touches yellow, kill a touches black, friend of Jack.  As you can see, the red and yellow bands are touching.

"I am poisonous"!

Just a friendly reminder, when you go looking for a stray golf ball, always carry a club.  Do not reach into high grass, bushes or dead timber with your bare hand!  Coral snakes are very colorful, so they are more easily spotted, but rattlesnakes and copperheads blend in to their surroundings.  Don't forget about the cotton mouth water moccasin too.  They are usually laying around lakes and creeks and can be aggressive.

My rule of thumb is "if you can't see your feet, you are in too deep".  Take your drop and move on.  The  U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf allow you to take a drop away from dangerous situations penalty free.

Following is a link to help you identify our Texas poisonous snakes.

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