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Friday, October 7, 2016

"Groom" your Golf Swing with a Comb!

One of the best training aids for golf is right in your bath room cabinet...the comb!
I am going to show you how to use your comb to help discover the correct wrist position for chipping and the full swing.  

One of the most important elements of the golf swing is a flat lead wrist (left wrist for right handed golfer) at the top of the back swing and at impact.

If you achieve these positions, you will have a greater chance of hitting the ball straight and far!

Two wrist positions which could lead to either hooks or slices would be either a "bowed" or "cupped" lead wrist.

On the left is a "bowed" lead wrist which closes the club face leading to hooks.  On the right is a "cupped" lead wrist which opens the face leading to slices.  The closed club face is looking to the sky and the open club face has the toe of the club pointing down.
To start off with, you will either need a wrist watch or a sweat band on your lead wrist.  This will secure the comb in place.  Try to find a comb that is not too stiff, but has a little "give".  We don't want the wrist to feel to stiff, but we do need to have some support from the comb.

Start off by hitting some chip shots to help you get the feel of the comb on your wrist.  If you have been struggling with your chipping, it could be your lead wrist was breaking down at impact.  When that happens, the club head passes the hands before impact.

Using the comb has helped me keep the lead wrist flat throughout the stroke.
After hitting a few chip shots you are now ready to increase the length of the swing.  I suggest making some practice swings first with your full back swing.  Start slowly so you can ingrain the proper feel.  If you were having issues with your wrist position, it will take some time for this to feel comfortable.

Make a full back swing slowly to the top and take a look at your position.
After many practice swings, use your 9 iron and hit some balls, BUT only make a 1/2 back swing.  In fact, I do not want you to hit balls with a full back swing utilizing the comb.  You will have much more success with the smaller swing.  After some successful short shots, go ahead and remove the comb and swing away.

You are now on the way to becoming a well groomed golfer!

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