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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Make more Short Putts with a Positive Thought Process

Making those short putts from 3-5 feet in length can really help your score. They can save a bad round or make a good round even better! You have to learn to eliminate the fear when facing these putts. I have learned you have to quieten the mind and quit thinking about the outcome and what it might mean if you make or miss the putt. The best way to do that is to imagine the hole as a "target" and simply roll the ball over the target.

If you think about a tee shot on a tree lined hole, most golfers try to steer the ball between the trees. This thought process usually doesn't work well. When you steer the ball, there is tension in the hands and arms which keeps you from free wheeling the driver. I have found it is beneficial if you focus on a target in the distance and swing away to the target!

Try this drill and I think you will feel a significant amount of freedom in your putting stroke.

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