Thursday, December 8, 2016

Turn your Slice into a Draw with the Chair Drill

Although this drill is a little extreme, sitting in a chair while swinging a driver will help you feel the components needed to "draw" the ball. 

These are four key components needed to hit a draw:
  • The elbows must fold correctly during the swing which enables you to release the club
  • You must stay in your posture during the swing
  • You must eliminate the sway on the backswing
  • You must eliminate a slide forward in the downswing
There are probably several more items we could discuss in learning to hit a draw, but I think this drill covers the most important areas.

As far as an iron swing, the best drill is to hit shots with a mid-iron from a side hill lie with the ball above your feet.  You can engrain the same feel from this drill as sitting in a chair with the driver.

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