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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Mach 3 Speed Check with Wes Short Jr.

I introduced Mach 3 Speed Training to fellow Austinite, Wes Short Jr. this week.   Wes is a former PGA TOUR winner and current PGA TOUR Champions member.  In 2018, Wes finished 21st on the money list.

By no means am I his instructor, nor do I take any credit for his success.  I just wanted to demonstrate to him my new speed training program which I am now conducting.

The first step in the speed training is to perform a speed check with the driver.  The average swing speed of the first five drives was 108.4 mph with the fastest being 110 mph.  After the speed check we immediately perform the four step protocol with the Jet Stick.  This is a picture of me with the Jet Stick.

The Jet Stick is a simple tool and consists of a shaft with a ball and chain inserted in the bottom of the shaft.  It is not heavy, but when you swing it correctly you hear the swish of the ball and chain whizzing through the air.  The swish should be heard on the target side of the golf ball.

In most circumstances when a player performs the Jet Stick protocols, there is an increase in speed within 5 minutes.  Once you pick up this additional speed, you do not lose it.  As you can see, on the next five drives, Wes increased his clubhead speed to an average of 111.6 mph and his high was 113 mph.  

After swinging the Jet Stick we used many other tools which when used on a frequent basis help develop a very athletic swing and more clubhead speed.  This is Wes swinging the Black Mamba which helps with loading on the backswing and exploding to the finish.


In 2018, Wes was 7th on the Champions Tour in driving distance with an average of 293.4 yards. 
For every mile per hour you increase your speed, there is an additional 2.5-3 yards of carry. 

There is an earlier post with the training tools I use in the Mach 3 Speed Training program.  Keep in mind speed training will help all golfers regardless of current ability.

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