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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Mach 3 Speed Training

FACT:  Faster club head speed causes longer drives!!

Do you feel the need for speed in your golf swing?  If so, then Mach 3 Speed Training is perfect for you.  In fact, it is beneficial to all golfers!

Mach 3 Speed Training will not only help you learn to swing the club faster in the correct place, it will improve your overall swing motion, stability and strength.  After establishing you current club head speed, you will quickly learn your potential to develop more speed.  In fact, after using the first training tool (Jet Stick) you may see an increase in speed.

After the initial speed check, I will introduce all the Mach 3 training tools which will be used over the next few sessions.  Below is a picture with just a few of the tools designed to improve your swing speed.

I have found swinging these tools is not only fun, but so beneficial.  The initial Mach 3 Speed Training will consist of ten, 30 minute sessions which can be divided into a combination of swing and speed training.

Let me know when you are ready for more speed in your swing.

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