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Friday, December 13, 2019

The Story of a Trophy Called "The Chicken"

This is the story of "The Chicken" and how he came about.  Jeff Cooper, then head professional at Sunset Grove CC in Orange, TX, and his assistant professional Kerry Lamb, were playing weekly rounds together and wanted to play for something meaningful.  Playing for cash is one thing but playing for a significant trophy is quite another.

The Chicken in Austin, TX
Thus, "The Chicken" was born.  Engraved on the chicken is "Who's Your Daddy".  To win the chicken was a sign of achievement.  Whomever won the chicken had it in his possession until the next challenge match.

About 7 years ago I was playing in an event at Sunset Grove CC and I saw the chicken for the first time.  I had heard about the legend of the chicken and was quite jealous of him.  But living in Austin didn't give me an opportunity to play for this prestigious trophy.

Move forward now to July of this year (2019), Jeff had moved on to become the head professional at Beaumont CC and Kerry moved up to head professional at Sunset Grove CC.  Their weekly matches became a thing of the past.  But the chicken remained on display at Sunset Grove.

Then in July, Kerry and I were playing in a STPGA event at The Traditions Course in College Station and he brought the chicken and I finally had a chance to play for this famous and handsome trophy.
Well, over the two day event my score was good enough to win ownership of the chicken and take him to Austin where he belongs!  He presented me the chicken at dinner after my victory.

Now Who's Your Daddy?
I knew the chicken would love living in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  I brought him home and gave him a nice place to perch.

The very next week after winning the chicken I was competing in an event in Houston, the STPGA Senior Championship.  I thought the chicken would love going on a road trip.  I also thought he might enjoy a little fresh air so I let him ride up front...way up front.  Although he enjoyed it for a bit he didn't like catching bugs at 70 mph!

The Chicken always liked the fancy hood ornaments on expensive cars...don't tell him its a Chevy
So about half way to Houston we made a pit stop for gas and kolaches.  Just by luck he met one of his ancestors and was impressed about how large he was.

The Chicken meets a chicken for the first time
So when we arrived at our destination, The Golf Club of Houston, he had to have a picture.  After all this was the home of the PGA TOUR event known as the Houston Open.

The Chicken is moving up in the world
But that wasn't the only picture he wanted.  He couldn't wait to see the championship trophy and his new daddy's name was on the trophy as winner in 2006.  He was so proud to be as shiny as this historic trophy.

The Chicken posing with the STPGA Senior Championship Trophy
So for now the chicken is residing in Austin, but our first event is in January 2020.  Kerry and I and maybe Jeff will be competing to see "Who's Your Daddy"!  After that we will be competing in approximately 5-6 events over the year for this prestigious trophy simple known as "The Chicken".

The Chicken right at home!
The legend of "The Chicken" to be continued...

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