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Monday, March 16, 2020

Get the Ball Rolling!

The Slo Mo Screen developed by Eyeline Golf is a cool tool which allows you to see how the golf ball reacts after being struck with a putter.  In the slow motion video you can see how the ball is bouncing a bit and rotating in mid air.  I use the two tone Tru Roll golf balls also from Eyeline Golf to make it easy to see how the ball reacts.  Watch the video in full screen mode for a closer look.

In the pictures below, it's very obvious just how this ball is air born and rotating.  When putting we want to get the ball rolling and not hopping!  There are a couple of fixes to help you get the ball rolling sooner.  The idea is to have a little forward shaft lean at impact and have the feel you are striking the ball on a level or slightly upward stroke.  This will help you achieve a truer roll.  As a certified "4 Elements of Putting" instructor, I use many tools from Eyeline Golf to help you become a better putter.

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