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Friday, May 8, 2020

A Drill to Develop Great Impact with Irons

My student, Dane Connery, has been working on improving his impact position for more solid iron shots.  We have worked on several drills but this was a great one that really made a difference.

In this particular drill we utilized a shallow fairway practice bunker.  The ball is placed on a painted line and a pitching wedge was used.  The goal is to make sure the divot starts slightly in front of the painted line and if struck correctly, the ball will travel on a lower than normal trajectory and go about 75-80 yards. By performing this drill in the sand, if the club enters the sand before the line, immediate feedback is felt and seen.

In the set up the ball is played slightly behind center and the hands are positioned in front of the line. This helped him get the feel of the hands leading the clubhead to impact.

Since we are trying to hit the ball shorter than normal, the backswing can be less than full.  This also helps with the left hand leading to impact.  If you tend to have a long backswing, it is more difficult to get to a strong impact position.

This is the moment of truth and mission accomplished.  The orange line is still in sight as his divot is in front of the line.  His left arm and club are in alignment which indicates he didn't release the club too early.

In the finish his arms are extended to the target and his weight is mostly on his left leg.  Both indicate he has accomplished his goal of ball first, divot second.  Once we got back to the grass, Dane started to have much better impact.

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