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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Anatomy of a Golf Lesson

Teaching golf or in particular the golf swing is interesting.  Each student is different in age, stature, ability and goals.  This is an example of how I go about helping a student with their golf swing based on the above criteria.

This is a lesson with Tony and he was having consistency issues.  In particular, his elbows were separating in the backswing and through swing causing his hands to come apart as well.  All this leads to a variety of misses.

We started by using the Swing Trainer and this device, which is attached to the upper arms, helped him feel his elbows staying together through the swing. Noticeable improvement!

Next we introduced the Swingyde which attaches to the grip of the club.  The guide must touch the left wrist at the top of the backswing and in the finish.  This device helps the student feel the proper wrist hinge.  Tony started by making left hand only swings so he could feel the rehinge needed on the follow through.  Then we moved to both hands on the grip to further coordinate the movement.

After spending some time with both the training aids, it was time to try making swings without them.  I recommended he make several practice swings before hitting a ball.  I use the old management theory of  "inspect what you expect".  

The end result was Tony was striking the ball more solid and much straighter.  He is going to invest in the Swingyde training tool and practice with it.  

So that is the anatomy of the swing lesson with Tony.  We had fun while and seeing the positive results appear with each swing.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Always Trying to get Better!

As a PGA golf professional I strive to create passionate students and life long golfers.  My job is to help players reach their goals and have fun doing it!  I just completed PGA online training and received my Certificates of Achievement in both ADM (American Develop Model) and Becoming the PGA Modern Coach.  Both of these courses go into detail how to train younger golfers and develop them into life long players.  It's important to the game to keep everyone in the sport and I look forward to utilizing my new knowledge in this endeavor.