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Monday, May 10, 2021

Improve your Weight Shift

The Sheftic Balance Board is a great training aid to help you feel proper weight shift through the swing.  The board tilts as you swing and helps you feel the transfer of pressure and weight as you swing back and through to the finish.  I start with the board perfectly straight and not tilted to one side or the other.

As I take my backswing the hips rotate and do not slide to the right...that would be a sway.  There is more of a pressure change in the backswing than a shift of weight to the trail leg.  I feel pressure in my right heel in the backswing as my hips rotate.  Note the board has tilted to the right as I rotate my hips on the backswing and the pressure is in my right heel.  My weight does transfer to the front leg very early in the downswing.  As my left arm approaches my hips, note the board is now tilted forward indicating my weight is now on my front leg.  Again, there isn's a slide to the left but the hips rotate to the target as my weight transfers to the front leg.  From there to the finish I stay on the front leg.   If you have any reverse pivot going on in your swing, this aid will help you identify and correct the error.

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