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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Student Juan Martinez Correcting “Over the Top”

This is one of my students, Juan Martinez, working on correcting his “over the top” downswing.  In this picture note how the divots are all headed outside to in causing slices to the right.

We performed a series of drills utilizing a hula hoop and alignment rods.  The majority of the drills did not involve striking a golf ball but focus was on developing the correct feel for an on plane golf swing.

Once he performed the drills and he felt he had the correct feel in his mind we brought the ball back into the equation.  We used the training aid for a few swings to make sure he stayed on plane.

In the following photo note the divots are much straighter.  With a short iron he was hitting it solid and straight!  It’s still a work in progress but with more practice he will see better results with all of his clubs.

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