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Monday, February 19, 2024

Dial in your Wedge Yardages

 Dial in your wedge yardages starting with a 50 yard baseline shot with your most lofted wedge.  It’s a matter of combining your length of backswing with speed to obtain 50 yards.  I would err on a softer swing rather than a hard swing.  Once you get 50 yards dialed in, just change the length of your swing to carry 30,40, 60 and then your full swing yardage.  I carry four wedges and my full swing difference between wedges is 15 yards.  

57 degree - 70 yards, 53 degree - 85 yards, 49 degree - 100 yards, 45 degree - 115 yards

Your yardages may vary but I recommend even loft increments to fill any voids.

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