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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Swing Drill for all Golfers

The is a great swing drill which will develop, enhance or maintain the swing for the beginner to experienced golfer.  For best results, perform the drill 3-4 times per week and spend about 5-10 minutes each session.  This drill is best done indoors in front of a full length mirror.  You need to see what you feel so you will be better prepared to take it to the range, then to the course.

Once on the range, perform the drill  a few times working on the parts.  Then, using a 7 iron, tee the ball about 1/2" high and  hit balls utilizing a full swing, but  swing at about 1/2 your normal speed.  Focus on the 4 key positions...take away, backswing, impact and follow through.  Swinging at a reduced speed will help you get all the parts in sync.  Strive for quality in each position.

Now try to hit full shots at normal speed.  I would hit a few balls off a tee at first and then move to the turf. 

Enjoy the video!

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