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Monday, December 10, 2012

Training Aids to Strengthen your Golf Swing

The first cold snap of the season has arrived and us thin blooded Texans head indoors.  Sure, we will be back on the course in a couple of days, but as I get a little more experienced, the temperature has to begin with at least a "5" for me to venture back on the course. 

So, as we approach the off season, this is a good time to discuss how to develop, maintain and strengthen your golf swing.  In fact, you should not wait until the off season, but should work on these things I am going to introduce to you year around!

Besides doing a few stretches and core strengthening exercises, I use training aids to help me stay in better golf shape.  There are many on the market, but these are just a few which I have used and find valuable.  If used properly, all of these training aids will help strengthen your golf swing and provide you increased clubhead speed.

If you have any physical or health issues which the use of these training aids would effect, be sure and consult with your doctor before using.

Gold Flex by SKLZ
You can find product information and video about the use of this product on

The Gold Flex is not heavy so it is easy on the joints.  It has a standard golf grip, the shaft is super flexible and is 49" long.  There is also a ladies and junior version available.  You need a high ceiling and plenty of clearance to swing indoors.  The Gold Flex is not used to hit balls and is excellent for tempo training.  Swinging this will provide you a core muscle workout and it really helps you with starting the downswing with the lower body.  I like to swing it as a warm up before a round so I carry it in my bag at all times.

Power Sleeve by SKLZ
This item can be found on as well.

I really like this training aid as you can put it on any club and either swing indoors or hit balls with it attached (by velcro) to any club.  I usually use this on a mid or short iron to work on tempo or to loosen up before a round.  It is also good to help you build your strength and flexibility.  The Power Sleeve is not too heavy, but does have enough weight so you can really feel how the hands and wrists work in the swing.  I use this quite a bit during lessons.

Information and video about the proper use of this club can be found on 

I have used the Momentus training clubs for years.  I have both a driver and iron which I swing on an occasional basis.  The ones I have are not used for hitting golf balls, but I understand they now have a driver which can be used for practice.  They also have many other strength and training aids on their website.  The one thing I like about the Momentus is it allows your to put the club in the "slot" on your downswing.  These clubs are fairly heavy so if you tend to come "over the top" on the downswing you will really feel it. 

Found in every household.
That's right, a common broom you have in the house makes a great training aid!  I prefer the ones with the smaller handle as it is easier to swing and not as heavy as the normal wooden handled broom stick.  The resistance you get from swinging a broom will help strenghen your golf swing.  I like the broom because it also helps with the concept of "sweeping" the ball off the tee with a driver.  I promise you will not swing the broom to upright.  You swing will feel more rounded which is good for the longer clubs.

Let me know if you have any questions about the above training aids.  It never hurts to be a little stronger and a little more flexible so we are closer to the green with our second shots!

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