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Thursday, December 28, 2017

You Can't be Vague with your Intentions

I love this quote from Jack Nicklaus!  I was guilty on all counts in 2017 and my below normal tournament scores reflect my lack of attention to detail this year.  When I was playing my best golf between the years 2006-2009 I had much better focus on the target and had a positive attitude.  This year, I admit I played most of my golf shots with just a "general" target in my mind...not good.  I played many rounds with a "down" attitude as well.

Whether you play tournament golf or not, if you want to improve your scores, you cannot be vague with your intentions.  This applies to every shot...period!  We all need to do a better job even in our casual rounds of golf with this focus.  If you don't practice this process in casual rounds it will not just happen in tournament rounds.  You must play from point A to point B within your capabilities.  Go back and read my recent post on preparing and playing in tournaments.  Even if your "tournament" is just to beat the guys/girls in your foursome, you should take it seriously and give each shot the focus it deserves.

This simple Jack Nicklaus quote has given me a renewed interest in competing in 2018.  Who is with me??

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