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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Training Aid Review... "The Power Sleeve" from SKLZ

The Power Sleeve from is a weighted sleeve which attaches to your golf club with velcro.  I love the Power Sleeve as it is heavy enough to feel the weight, but not so heavy you can't swing it efficiently.  You can actually hit balls with the sleeve attached to the club and I find this very beneficial in developing your swing.

The Power Sleeve can be used for many purposes:
1.  Strength building
2.  Improve swing plane
3.  Build "lag" into the downswing
4.  Improve release after impact
5.  Achieve a full, balanced finish

Below is a video of my 12 year old student, Jessica Zhao, using the Power Sleeve.  Notice how she gets the club "loaded" or "set" at the top of the swing.  There is almost a slight pause at the top as the weight naturally allows her wrists to hinge.  Prior to using the Power Sleeve she tended to release the club too early or cast the club from the top.  Now her hands fall into place and the weight follows to a beautiful finish.

Following are a few pictures of the key areas of improve in Jessica's golf swing.

The left arm is comfortably extended and the wrists are perfectly hinged.
There is also a nice shoulder turn at the top.

On the downswing, she has retained the angle formed between her left arm and wrists.
I would like to see a bit more leg drive at this point.

There is a full release of energy as her right arm has extended through the impact zone.

Full, balanced finish.
I use the Power Sleeve regularly and I recommend it to my students.

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