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Friday, November 27, 2020

Improve your Impact with this Simple Chipping Drill

In this drill we are breaking down the impact position to the bare minimum, the chip shot.  Position two alignment rods in the shape of a triangle about one club length in front of your golf ball.  Take a chip set up in which the feet are close together, the ball positioned in the back of the stance and the lead hand in front of the ball.  Using a 9 iron, make a chip length backswing which will send the ball about 15-20 yards.  The goal is to stop the club head from traveling through the triangle.  To accomplish this the lead hand must be in control and do not allow the trail hand to take over.  You will feel like the lead hand gets to the ball before the club head and the lead wrist will remain firm.  If you do this, you will strike the ball first then take a small divot.  Once you can accomplish this task, try to make the backswing slightly longer but still stop the club from going through the triangle.  When you do it correctly you will really feel you are compressing the ball with a great impact position.

Impact Chip Drill Video

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