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Friday, November 27, 2020

Weighted Ball Drill to Improve Body Motion

For this drill you will need a weighted exercise ball.  The one pictured is 6 lbs. but use any ball weight that meets your physicality.  The purpose of this drill is to develop proper body movement through the golf swing.  You may toss the ball into a wall in which you will catch it when it comes back at you, into a net so you don't have to chase it after each throw or play catch with a partner.  

Swing the ball back and through and release the ball to your target.  Allow your body to rotate with your arms and feel your weight transfer to the front leg as you rotate to the target.  Allow the arms to extend to the target at the finish.

From this down the line view note the body rotation on the backswing and follow through.  

After working with the weighted ball, take a short iron and make practice swings.  You should feel the same motion as you swing the golf club.

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