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Friday, January 15, 2021

Take a Seat to Promote a Draw


Student, Justin S, had an "over the top" downswing causing a slice, particularly with his driver.  By sitting in a chair and hitting drivers, he felt a more rounded and less steep golf swing.  While performing this drill, if he had come over the top on the downswing he would strike the ground behind the ball.  After hitting just 5 balls, Justin was hitting a little baby draw and no balls were slicing!

Once he took his normal set up (no chair) I asked him to feel like he was taking a seat on a bar stool or spectator seat and feel the same swing he had when he was in the chair.  In addition, to promote a more ascending swing through the ball, I placed an empty 3 ball sleeve about 6" in front of his ball.  His goal was to miss the box and in doing so he would not be steep and over the top on the downswing.

The bottomline is Justin is now able to take out his driver with much less fear of a slice!  Following is a video with both drills.

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