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Monday, January 4, 2021

Huge Improvement with Student Nick G

Sometimes a student makes such a huge improvement I just have to publish it.  Nick and I have worked since mid November and these comparisons are after 4 lessons.  He has put in the work necessary to make these changes and I am happy for him.  

The picture on the left is from lesson one and the picture on the right is lesson four.

Set Up-  In the first session he was much too close to the ball which forced him to take the club outside then re-route to the inside.  He now has much more space to swing his arms on plane.

Take Away-  At the half way point in the backswing, we want the shaft to be pointing near the target line the ball is sitting on and he has accomplished this.  His "feel" was he was taking the club outside the target line on his take away but he's not.

At the Top-  His new backswing reflects more width and is not across the line.  Note how much higher his hands are at the top of his swing.

Downswing-  This is where it gets really good.  Note how far his hands were over the plane in the downswing in lesson one.  That is classic "over the top" and caused all kinds of misses.  He is now on plane and is in a position in which he can really start hitting the ball straighter.

After Impact-  Since he is now on plane he can swing more to the target and not swipe across the ball.  Note how his club is now swinging more to the target after impact.

Finish-  The new finish reflects improved balance and complete rotation with his weight 95% on his front leg.  

We worked on several drills to help him make these significant changes to his swing.  He put in the practice time between lessons and I congratulate him for his dedication to getting better!

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