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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Solid Contact Drill

This is a very simple drill to help develop solid contact with your irons.  In particular it will help identify the cause of iron shots struck in the heel of the club causing the dreaded shank.  You will need a can of foot spray and spray a light coat on the face of your 9 iron.  This will allow you to see where the ball is struck on the face of the club.

Use either a range basket or a plastic water bottle which will be placed about 2" from the ball.  Tee the ball about 1/2" so the impact mark on the club will be visible. Also place an alignment rod on the ground so you will be properly aligned to your target.

This drill is performed in three stages and in stage one, the goal is to hit the ball 30 yards, stage two 60 yards and stage three 90 yards.  These yardages may be adjusted lower depending on skill level.  The goal is to clip the ball off the tee and miss the range basket at each stage.  If at anytime you strike the basket you will know your path was faulty and the strike will not be in the center of the face.  You will need to clean the face of the club after every few balls and re-spray.  

30 yard Sequence-no wrist hinge on the backswing or followthrough

60 yard Sequence-just a little wrist hinge on the backswing 

90 yard Sequence-wrist hinge on both sides of the swing

30/60/90 Video Sequence

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