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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Impact Drills Utilizing the "Impact Bag"

The impact bag is one of the most popular training aids I introduce to students.  In the following video I demonstrate how to develop a strong impact position starting with a chip length backswing and progressing to a half swing.  These are the key points to a great impact position (right handers):

Left hand leads club head to impact, weight mostly on left leg, hips more open to target than shoulders, right heel released from the ground, right knee chasing left knee, arms extended and head behind the ball (bag)

When using the impact bag these feels may be exaggerated and that is fine.  When you actually strike the ball you will not be in the exact position but close to it.


The bottom line is when you strike the golf ball with an iron, your divot should be on the target side of the ball.  To demonstrate this after working with the impact bag, I will paint a line on the grass and place the ball on top of the line.  If you are in the correct position as described, the divot will be on the target side of the line.

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